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Rainbow Gymnastics Novice Fitness Foundation Programs environment. Children are introduced to activities that will Rainbow Gymnastics Novice Fitness Foundation Programs enhance confidence at an early age. Where most structured activities accept students at age five (5) and older, RGA begins as early as 20 months! Daily lesson plans include obstacle courses fully equipped for the safety of the child. Group activities will enhance social skills and hand-eye coordination. Basic gymnastics fundamentals in vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, tumbling, trampoline, athletic training, and core conditioning, as well as, all-around flexibility are the core events introduced.

The novice student participates in a non-competitive environment. Under careful supervision, RGA coaches will monitor individual progress through charts and lesson plans geared towards success. If a child is allowed the necessary time to become proficient with an activity, he/she will gain strength and confidence in performing on any event. Upon completing novice progressions, RGA will invite athletes to advance to the intermediate/advanced levels of gymnastics. Invitation letters will be sent home for parental review

Prior to enrollment, we highly recommend that you and your child come and visit the facility. If your child is interested in participating, RGA offers a free introductory lesson. It is preferred that students attend a trial lesson, a class which your child can attend on a regular basis when enrolling. Enroll in RGA is continuious, but limited to class size. To schedule a trial lesson, please contact us or visit our facility.

Gymnastics Fitness Foundations are lessons based on progression and repetition. As the student is exposed to six activities daily emphasis on building areas will take time and commitment. HOW LUCKY WE ARE to allow keiki to participate in an activity doing things they love to do like running, jumping, swinging, climbing, and tumbling. If they are doing these activities for a sustained length of time, it can lead to improved fitness, strength and endurance. RGA programs offers a wide range of class times and levels up to three (3) times a week. As a parent, the investment is "lifetime fitness" as children will have fond memories of physical education with RGA. Future desire to stay physically fit will become a lifestyle as any activity is pursued and accomplished while challenged with exercises that are geared to build gross motor skills, learning comprehension in a fun and energetic environment... Making fitness fun!

ATTIRE will reflect positive performance. HAIR must be tied neatly and firmly away horn the eyes and shoulders. GIRLS DRESS - Leotard BOYS DRESS - Elastic shorts and Tee Shirt

NO GUM CHEWING or OUTSIDE FOOD in the gym or in the working areas.

NO JEWERLY IS ALLOWFED - post earrings only please.

SAFETY 1st - No Running, Shoving or Horseplay. Students/Parents will honor Safety Policies. In certain instances warning twice of misbehavior, third time child will be asked to time out. If behavior persists, lead coach will schedule a conference with the parents of the student.

STUDENTS CURRENTLY ATTENDING CLASS MUST SIT QUIETLY in designated areas for instructor to start classes. Once training begins, students must receive instructions before using any equipment. Students currently attending class are permitted on supervised equipment only.

VISITORS MUST SIT QUIETLY IN DESIGNATED OBSERVATION AREAS. Parents are kindly asked to refrain from speaking to or correcting children while children are training. It is important for students to give full concentration on the directions given by the instructor. Any interruption is a safety concern as RCA STAFF is dedicated to class management and control.

CHILDREN WATCHING WITH PARENTS MUST BE KEPT IN ADULT SUPERVISION at all times, away from equipment, vaulting ramps and all training areas of RCA.

PAYMENTS are due at the first lesson of each month. A $15.00 late charge fee will be assessed to accounts for tuition received after the 10°’ of the month, 30 days delinquent accounts will be assessed a $30 fee for the current month.


TUITION IS PAID REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. There will be no prorating of tuition for absence.

STATEMENTS will be sent home with children after class, following the 15°’ of the month. Statements include past due amounts, additional fees and any differences in tuition paid.

ABSENCE for illness or emergency reasons an considered excused. RCA will provide the benefit of allowing students to attend make-up lessons up to two weeks of any absence. In order for RCA to provide adequate staff and remain devoted to quality instruction, parents must call ahead and reserve a make-up lesson. A minimum of two make-up lessons a month is allowed.

WITHDRAWALS Written notification must be received in order for a customer account to be placed on hold or closed. YEARLY REGISTRATION FEES allow a student to re-enter if space is available. Full paid tuition regardless of attendance will reserve a student’s “SPOT” in a certain class. REGISTRATION FEES ARE RENEWED ANNUALLY on the anniversary date of enrollment. RCA Reserves the right to cancel a student’s membership at any time.

HOLIDAYS/CANCELLATIONS Rainbow Gymnastics is closed most Federal Holidays and will take two one week breaks yearly during the summer and one week during winter. Please refer to RCA Session Calendar for these “BLACK OUT” dates. Tuition is based on 4 week session with attendance 4, 8, or 16 classes in a 4-week session. Months with five weeks are cumulated during the calendar year to allow RGA for cancellations. Therefore tuition remains the same. Reminders if cancellations will be sent home.

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